4 key apps on Brazilians' mobile phones

There are applications that all Brazilians like to have on their mobile phones. Get to know the apps that mark the trend and what their main uses are. The evolution of the world of technologies, as well as the appearance of the acclaimed Millennial or Z generations make it not strange that the world is, today, increasingly digital. Besides there are many new devices and these are now more affordable, the applications created by various companies have also allowed various aspects of everyday life to become simpler.Whether for personal, playful or professional uses, these applications allow different activities to be performed and an interaction with other people to be established in a simpler way than ever.

Thus, for Brazilians, there is now a strong connection with their favorite applications, as they allow better management of their personal, school and professional routines. Come to meet the applications that can not be missing on the mobile phones of the Brazilian people.


social networks are an important part of Brazilians' days. Among the various forms of social media that exist, however, Brazilians seem to prefer Instagram. It is true that much has changed in the way Instagram works.

Over the years, it has become more comprehensive, expanding its possibilities. Now the potential is even being talked about, although this change has not yet occurred. The application allows you to show photographs and is widely used by companies to present their products as well

. 2.WhatsAppCommunication

is fundamental for Brazilians and WhatsApp is the application they use most to communicate.

This application allows you to contact people anywhere in the world for free and only with Internet access.The app allows you to send text, files, photos and even voice or video calls.The application also has a business specific version with more functionality.

3 - UberDeslocating

using the Uber application is something most Brazilians are well used to doing. As one of the most common applications on Brazilian cell phones, it corresponds to a relatively recent transport service, less expensive than taxis and that improves mobility within cities, as an alternative to public transport services.The application is, therefore, the rental of cars with drivers for small spaces of time. This application often appears on social networks, in Memes, as it generates countless jokes among the youngest section of the population.


role of music or humor in the lives of Brazilians cannot be forgotten either and Youtube is the application on Brazilian cell phones that most easily allows access to all this and much more. Besides being quite complete in its contents, Youtube is also a space of opportunities, as we can see by the various Brazilian youtubers who have built their fame and careers with the use of this application.

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