Licenses from the shops on the Internet - what to look out for?

Licenses from the shops on the Internet - what to watch out for?It has long become normal that you simply save the physical copies from the store for games. There are simply too many options for digital distribution to put another game in the cupboard. Digital distribution of games has now also arrived at many stores on the internet, offering gamers the opportunity to always buy the game at the cheapest price. However, in the search for this same lowest price, scammers have also stepped in.

The number of questionable shops is increasing. So how can you be sure that a selected shop on the Internet is really reputable?Pay attention to the most important key data for shopsOffers from the Internet almost always seem very attractive at first glance. The prices are very low, the key for a game arrives immediately in your e-mail inbox and you can pay conveniently using the typical online payment options. So you don't even have to get out of the house to increase your game collection bit by bit and find the one or other retro classic.

The problem is that in the area of shops for licenses and keys there are popular and well-known providers without any problems, but also shops that are less of the reputable kind and often cheat their buyers out of the purchase price.It is therefore important that you check before buying whether it is a serious partner. Fortunately, German laws and EU requirements provide some guidance for this search. A good first step is always to look for an imprint. Every website must have this and it provides information about whether it is a real person and what their address is.

Also the privacy policy should be complete, because a serious shop in this day and age should pay attention to such things. Last but not least, it is also the experiences of other customers that can help to distinguish a reputable shop from a dubious provider.Reviews and comparisons help in the search for good productsOne way to protect yourself is to look for experiences of other customers. There are corresponding reviews on the Internet for almost every online shop and it is not uncommon for scammers to quickly end up in forums or other platforms where bounced customers can exchange information with each other. Usually, a simple search on Google is enough for you to come across such entries and get an idea of the situation yourself.

If you are sure that you are dealing with a serious and good provider, you should also be sure that you are really paying the best price for the chosen game or for the key. Here it is mainly the portals for price comparison that are the most important tool for the customer. With a few clicks, one can get all the information about the prices from different suppliers and end up making a cheap and safe purchase.

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