Sporting apps that are a hit with runners

Mobile phones are a tool increasingly used by all kinds of people to benefit in different ways throughout the day. In the case of runners, the fans of running exercise, these devices have become one of the best options to receive the support they need. Mainly thanks to the use of sport apps, available in operating systems such as iOS and Android and with different features, runners find the ideal complement to sport supplementation, which helps the practice of sport to provide better results. It is one of the most used options and has the main features that runners need, such as a complete monitoring of the exercise they do, as well as a follow-up of the route taken.

It also has a connection to social networks, for those users who like to share with their friends the effort they have made while running. At the same level of recommendation is Runkeeper, which has an internal analysis system with which runners can know how many calories they have burned, what distance they have covered or follow routes established by the application. One of its special features is that it allows you to take photos along the way and label them so that you can record the places you have run through, with the guarantee of a brand as important as Nike, the Nike Running application is presented, which follows the line of the previous apps, but stands out from them thanks to its gamma format. This means that runners can enjoy a more fun and immersive experience, making their sports practice more like a game.

This creates an added incentive for people who find it difficult to make the decision to go running, and runners are aware that the good support provided by apps is always combined with the advantages of following some advice to do sport even in extreme heat. Recommendations such as avoiding the most dangerous hours of the day due to temperature, maintaining good hydration and always wearing the most appropriate clothing. Thanks to this type of advice and the apps on their mobiles, runners are able to achieve the best results when practising sport.

Haley Taylor
Haley Taylor

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